Memphis (TN) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

2017 Kappa League Members

Beautillion Presentation

The Beautillion was conceived as a vehicle to recognize the achievements of outstanding high school young men. The primary focus is to assist young men in achieving worthy goals for themselves in every phase of human endeavor and to make constructive contributions to the community when leadership roles become their responsibility. High academic standing, good moral character, leadership ability and participation in school and community activities are used as the selection criteria.

Dedicated to the professional development of young people, the Beautillion was initiated under the leadership of Polemarch Willie F. Brooks, Jr in 2002. Brothers Reginald Mormon and Martin Truitt were appointed as the Co-Chairmen to coordinate the inaugural presentation.

The goals of the Beautillion are to inspire and stimulate growth, academic excellence, community service learning and leadership development; to enhance their sense of civic responsibility and appreciation for cultural heritage; and to bring about self-awareness, self –determination, self-actualization and a purpose greater than self.

Thirteen young men were selected to be presented to society, marking the birth of Memphis Alumni Chapter Beautillion Presentation. The inaugural Beaus were Chaz Adams, Christopher G. Adkins, Willie F. Brooks, III, Charlie Crenshaw, Corey D. Eckles, Jonathan Eversley, Timothy L. Green, Jr., Cedric C. Myles, Jr., Kewan T. Person, Jackie J. Robinson, Keith C. Williams, Jimmel T. Williams and James Yates, III.

In 2003, 2004 and 2005, the Annual Beautillion Presentation was set in place with Brother Willie Brooks at the helm, assisted by a newly formed committee. The committee members were Brothers Daniel Jack, Keith Williams, Donald Jackson, Michael McDuffie, Myron Johnson, Michael Marsh, Emmett McKnight, Don Ross, Frank McNeil, Samuel King and Shawn Boyd.

The newly formed committee brought the presentation to new heights, adding leadership conferences, financial aid workshops and team building activities to its Beautillion preparation agenda. After having been engaged in workshops designed to develop the young men intellectually, spiritually, socially and emotionally, the culminating event introduces the Kappa Beaus into formal society.