Memphis Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

106 Years and Building; The Journey Continues!*
Images of Kappa's in White Coats

Memphis Alumni Chapter Officers

2015 – 2016 Officers

  • Image of Andre Dean
    Andre Dean
  • Image of Joseph Long
    Vice Polemarch
    Joseph Long
  • Kevin B. Austin
    Keeper of Records
    Kevin B. Austin
  • Tim Dunlap
    Keeper of Exchequer
    Tim Dunlap
  • Vincent Lee
    Board Member
    Vincent Lee
  • James Malone
    Board Member
    James Malone
  • Brian Diggs
    Board Member
    Brian Diggs
  • Willie L. Henry, Jr.
    Board Member
    Willie L. Henry, Jr.
  • Herbert Taylor
    Board Member
    Herbert Taylor
  • Dustin Fulton
    Asst. Records
    Dustin Fulton
  • Matt Hotz
    Asst. Exchequer
    Matt Hotz
  • Martin Truitt
    Martin Truitt
  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott
  • Vernon Howard
    Lt. Strategus
    Vernon Howard
  • Carl Cross
    Carl Cross
  • Isaac L. Fisher
    Isaac L. Fisher
  • Rodney Echols
    Rodney Echols
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