Memphis Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Polemarch's Message

Good Brothers,

Memphis Alumni Polemarch Andre Dean
Polemarch – Andre Dean

I hope the new year is shaping up to be among your best days so far. My report to you is that Kappa Alpha Psi is strong and we are still building...107 YEARS AND COUNTING, THE JOURNEY CONTINUES. Nupes, we just celebrated our 103rd anniversary in Baltimore, MD, on January 2-5, 2014, and oh, what a time was had by all in attendance. Grand Polemarch William Randy Bates, Jr., Esq., has challenged all of us to return back to our home chapters and actively reach out to our Brothers who have not been active. Your services are needed.

Brothers, there is no doubt our Bond faces challenges from within and without but together, ONE KAPPA will prevail. Here in Memphis, the year 2014, the Memphis Alumni Chapter will celebrate its 80th Chapter Anniversary and the accomplishments of the brothers who have laid the foundation from Day One. NUPES, WE NEED YOU! Our best days as a band of brothers are before us. My prayer is that this communication will cause you to rejoin the Mighty Memphis Alumni Chapter, where at the end of 2013, we stood at 132 strong. Brothers, there is still room for your talent, your time, and your resources...WE NEED YOU!

There are just a few brief observations I would like to bring to your attention. The year 2014 is destined for the MAC to purchase its own chapter facility, we have our sights set on two potential properties at the moment. Our Debutante Presentation is in its 64th year, a program of Kappas presenting young ladies to formal society. To challenge our sights further, we will be setting up a fundraising campaign to fund scholarships for African-American males who major in stem sciences, right here in the greater Memphis community. Brothers, that is just the tip of the iceberg for Kappa Alpha Psi here in Memphis.

The MAC's local chapter dues are $365, $340 for Senior brothers of at least 60 years of age, $182.50 for 50-year members, and $200 for recent college graduates. Along with your local obligation, your national obligation is $150. Also, if you have not been active for some time, the re-instatement charges range from $5-10. Nupes, the Grand Chapter of our fraternity states that there are well over 3000 Kappas within the greater Memphis and Shelby County communities. If the Nupes don't help save these young black males, who will? Brothers, the address for sending your dues to the MAC is P.O. Box 300428, Memphis TN 38130. You can also visit our Paypal account through our website: I can also personally come by and pick up your chapter dues if you call me at (901) 340-7057 or Norman Miller at (901) 461-4368. Again, Brothers, the clarion call has gone out....WILL YOU ACCEPT THE CALL?

Yours in the Bond,
Andre Dean
Memphis (TN) Alumni Chapter

Norman Miller
Chairmain, Reclamation Committee
Memphis (TN) Alumni Chapter